The WE Festival is an annual, non-profit festival, which is organized by volunteers in and around Maastricht. Our ambition is to involve as many diverse people and organizations as possible in order to fill the gap between academic theory and practical action. Our aim is to actively shape the student and cultural life in Maastricht.

Sustainability and creativity are deeply rooted in the WE tradition and carried throughout every edition since 2010. WE are collaborating with sustainable student associations and other local partners. Together, WE are creating a stable ground in the dynamic population of Maastricht, where local and international bonds are created, personal skills strengthened, and knowledge preserved.

This category encompasses our cultural activities and performances that do not fall under Musical Events, these include wide range of theater, dance and circus performances mixed with fashion shows and expositions!

In 2017 you should expect more (multi)cultural evenings with Refugee Project Maastricht, insane Week long “Deal?” exposition organized in collaboration with Love Foundation and many more entries to be announced!

If you have an artsy friend who would like to share his artwork or perform his traditional dance – please shoot us a message through our contact page!

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During the whole WEek our goal is to make people more aware about modern Sustainability issues, our friends from Green Office and many other organizations help us make that happen via interactive workshops, lectures and debates about the topic!

Even without that WE always aim to decrease our footprint by making sure that all beverages and food served at the WE are organic and at least vegetarian, if not vegan!

This year WE will treat you with daily vegan/vegetarian cooking workshops, 3 vegan food trucks, organic beer served in equally organic cups and a whole day dedicated to Sustainability itself!


There is a hint of a Walking Dinner approaching as well!

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The WE Festival comes to life through the huge variety of workshops that take place throughout the WEek. WE believe that we can learn a lot from each other, by sharing skills, thoughts and ideas. Therefore, WE provide to everyone the opportunity to become a workshopper during the festival. May it be dancing, knitting, playing an instrument or giving a lecture on a topic you care about, WE arrange a location and give you the chance to share it.
During the previous editions WE were proud to host (among many others): pole dancing, graffiti, poetry or vegan cooking workshops from the InnBetween to the St. Michel Farm –  WE spread through the whole city of Maastricht! Check out the last year’s programme to get an idea and some inspiration!
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While The WE Festival is not strictly a music festival, WE still considers music to be a big part of the programme. Hence, WE have a hard-working little team organizing all music-related matters for and around the festival.

WE organize parties during The WE Festival season and occasionally off-season as well, and sometimes WE even put together music compilations for free download – ’cause WE are that nice, you know.

This year WE give you a chance to experience a mix of world-renown and local artists during Free outdoor event and a WEekender double party at Muziekgieterij!

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Most of us have been to a film festival by now, or at least have seen them around. The coming together of creative minds, directors, producers, screenwriters, actors alike, sharing what they love with us in the form of FILM. A wonderful medium of flashing images, snappy dialogue and smooth transitions; a perfect collection of images to inspire our hearts and minds.

So why not in Maastricht? This coming year WE are going to bring some of the most exciting, emotive, and inspirational films to Maastricht just for YOU.

From the 15,000 submissions we received, we very carefully picked out 91 shorts, features, documentaries, animations, shorts, and music videos to tell you stories about the topics we wanted to show you through some of the best AV we’ve come across with lately.

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