May 10-18 2019, Maastricht

Hosted by Landbouwbelang


Love Foundation

Couscous Discous

Radio Frape

Triple M

Trompe L'oeil

Fossil Free / Extinction Rebellion


Plata Morgana

S4C Maastricht


The WE Festival is an annual, non-profit festival, which is organized by volunteers in and around Maastricht. Our ambition is to involve as many diverse people and organizations as possible in order to fill the gap between academic theory and practical action. Our aim is to actively shape the student and cultural life in Maastricht.

Sustainability and creativity are deeply rooted in the WE tradition and carried throughout every edition since 2010. WE are collaborating with sustainable student associations and other local partners.

Together, WE are creating a stable ground in the dynamic population of Maastricht, where local and international bonds are created, personal skills strengthened, and knowledge preserved.

WE act on the principles of open-mindedness, diversity and sustainability. WE enable young artists and initiatives to prosper and grow by offering am open platform, organisational support, assistance with funding, access to our volunteer network and long-term partnerships. This diversity has allowed us to establish solid relationships with a broad range of partners, and our network is consistently growing with each new edition of the WE. At this moment we are working together with around 50 other student, international and local initiatives as well as NGO’s.

The annual WE Festival that is happening in spring, and further smaller events throughout the year create a lasting impact on our community and our surroundings.

Our aim is to stimulate local culture  by connecting all groups present in the city, and use that collective empowerment to achieve together what would be impossible on our own. With this collective effort we ensure that initiatives involved in our network become self-sustainable and, therefore, able to support others.

Our network is proactive, every member has full acccess to it and is encouraged to provide and ask for support with, promotion, contacts, funding and volunteering.

Our influence is increasing with each event and partnership, within the past years we have built up a community with the momentum to change cultural life not only in Maastricht, but the whole Euregio.