There are different ways of contributing to The WE Festival. You can actively participate in the Festival by volunteering, performing, or hosting an event or a workshop. Just fill in the respective form on the right and we'll try get back at you as soon as possible.


WE Festival and Stichting WE Connect are fully not-for-profit and provide almost all of our events free of charge to prevent barriers to accessibility. In order to do so, we rely heavily on contributions in terms of cultural and sustainability funds, as well as donations from private individuals. If you would like to contribute to our mission financially, please use the paypal link below or contact us at

Our Core team consists of around 30 members, but the whole event could not happen without our brave WElunteers, who every year help us with all sorts of event preparation and promotion!

Do you want to support but your deadlines or work won’t allow you? Don’t worry! Its up to you to decide how much time can you put into the WE, and our Volunter Team will make sure that everyone is well informed and most importantly – enjoys his time during the event!

Volunteer shifts can include barista, cooking, cleaning, ticket sale and our buddy-program for work-shoppers, that, and much more!

We will only use this to add you to our Facebook group. Not all of our volunteers have Facebook but for us it is the most efficient way to communicate.
Briefly explain to us why you want to volunteer, where you heard from us, or what's your general motivation behind being awesome.

Thank you for your submission! We will review it soon.

Part of WE Festival’s mission is to give a platform for young, forward-thinking musicians and bands. Wether you are a solo performer, a full-fledged band or a DJ, we would love to hear from you and see how we can present you within the WE framework. Please send us some information about yourself, including links to your music and if possible, past references.

Thank you for your submission! We will review it soon.

Year by year hundreds of amazing individuals help us with making the WE Festival a true and unique celebration of sharing experiences, skills and ideas.

Dancers, bakers, cooks, artists, musicians, free-thinkers, tinkerers, hackers and teachers join us together on a quest of supporting the community by offering free workshops and lectures on topics relevant to all of us in our every-day life.

Do not let lack of time stop you form applying, you are free to host as many events as you wish. WE will do our best possible to support and present your idea. If you happen to know someone who would like to share his or hers skill with the broader public, let them know about our initiative, and help us in shaping next generation of WEsters!


Thank you for your submission! We will review it soon.