13-20 May 2017 - Maastricht

Elders & Loners

Project Title: Shadows of Endurance
Synopsis: Shadows of Endurance portraits two centuries of American history through stratified layers of time, comparing the lives of the people currently living in Harlan County with the huge amount of oral histories collected and recorded by Italian author, Alessandro Portelli, over 30 years of field research. The film is a journey through different times, each with their ghosts and voices, as distant echo of a bygone age, re-emerging today in the places and faces explored by the camera. Through a series of encounters, the film introduces to the stories of people struggling to survive in an area stripped of its identity. A sense of absence dominates the encounters with the characters who currently live in the area: a lack of work, relationships, future, and hope. Deprived of a historical perspective as well as of any possible trajectory, these characters reveal a dramatic nature –often leading a life on the fringes of the law, fighting a lonely battle for survival. On the other hand, the testimonies gathered by Mr Portelli reflect a mythical and yet concrete past, when the clash was collective and the elements were supernatural.
Project Website:
Duration: 0:22:20
Country of Origin: Italy
Production Budget: 35000 USD
Directors: Diego Scarponi
Writers: Diego Scarponi, Maurita Cardone
Producers: Diego Scarponi
Flag: Elders & Loners

Project Title: Good-bye Adam
Synopsis: In a Turkish area of Australia, lives a woman (Eve) in her 40s who has an unhappy marriage, never goes outside of her local area and spends all her days in the isolation of her home like a prisoner. Her biggest joy is the time she spends in the garden at home. A woman (Lilith) pays her visits in her daydreams. Finally, she (Eve) leaves home with everything left behind to charter her own destiny.
Duration: 0:13:13
Country of Origin: Australia
Production Budget: 3000 USD
Directors: Gulsum Guler Ozen
Writers: Gulsum Guler Ozen
Producers: Gulsum Guler Ozen
Flag: Elders & Loners

Project Title: ABIDANCE
Synopsis: Unusual quotidian which is shared by 3 generations: grandmother, mother and granddaughter.The film takes place in a nursing home where mother is working for years. Grandmother used to be a headmaster of the same nursing home and she devoted her life to it. Now she is just one of the inhabitants. She doesn't want to accept weakness of the old age. Granddaughter is trying to animate grandmother with her camera but their play is interrupted every time mother enters into the room and reality becomes the main character. Memories are built to keep grandmother alive but her desire to leave is too strong. That brings out the question: For whom is harder, for the ones who want to leave us or for the ones who stay?
Project Website:
Duration: 0:44:00
Country of Origin: Croatia
Production Budget: 15000 EUR
Directors: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukic
Writers: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukic
Producers: Vanja Jambrovic, Tibor Keser
Flag: Elders & Loners

Project Title: Born in Heinola
Synopsis: A story of four Finnish boys growing up during the devastating 90's recession. They live in the small, timber industrial town of Heinola. As the parents of these young teens struggle through hard economic times, the four very different guys meet by coincidence to form the punk band Apulanta (fertilizer). Nowadays Apulanta is one of the most famous bands in Finland.
Project Website:
Duration: 1:51:00
Country of Origin: Finland
Production Budget: 850000 EUR
Directors: Tuukka Temonen
Writers: Niisku Haapala
Producers: Tuukka Temonen, Olga Temonen
Flag: Elders & Loners

Project Title: 4 1/2 Senses
Synopsis: Being blind for more than 30 years Mr Grosu is doing, as always, his daily routine, truing to recompose the reality in his mind. Accidents happens form time to time, but he receives the help of his lifelong partner Ms Grosu. A quiet life in a beautiful house somewhere in Bucharest. All this fairytale ends suddenly, in a morning, when the house is silent. No music on the radio, no newspaper sound, silence in the kitchen. The house becomes too big, the space too empty. Mr Grosu has one last decision to take.
Duration: 0:20:00
Country of Origin: Romania
Directors: Raluca Gorgos, Ion Arama
Writers: Raluca Gorgos, Ion Arama, Ioan Antoci
Producers: Oana Giurgiu
Flag: Elders & Loners

L'art pour l'art

Project Title: Without Sun
Synopsis: In the northernmost point of Europe, for two months a year the sun does not rise above the horizon. Without Sun is about this period of darkness and gives an impression of the inhabitants who wait, who have to cope with the darkness and yearn for light. The film is like a painting. A collage of moments that represent the overall feeling of the inhabitants of Without Sun. These are the moments in which people wait, sleep or are playing on there phones.
Duration: 0:29:55
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Production Budget: 30000 EUR
Directors: Paul de Ruijter
Producers: Luuk Hoekx, Miel van Welzen
Flag: L'art pour l'art

Project Title: Y
Synopsis: Laura is a self-confident young woman, a member of the new “Me Me Me Generation“, also known as “Generation Y”. Spoilt for choice by life’s abundance of options, Laura has lost track of her own aims and ideals. She’s always looking for something, she just doesn't know what. One night she meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. The encounter gives Laura food for thought.
Project Website:
Duration: 0:23:36
Country of Origin: Germany
Production Budget: 6000 EUR
Directors: Gina Wenzel
Writers: Gina Wenzel
Producers: Gina Wenzel
Flag: L'art pour l'art

Project Title: Once upon a dream
Synopsis: When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Litteraly, the girl of his dreams ! So he sets out to live it fully. Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn...
Duration: 0:13:25
Country of Origin: Belgium
Production Budget: 2000 EUR
Directors: Anthony Nion
Writers: Anthony Nion
Producers: Anthony Nion, Delphine Louradour
Flag: L'art pour l'art

Project Title: The Sound of London
Synopsis: What sound does London make? Sound recordist Jason Emerick (Christopher Tester) has 48 hours to find one sound that encapsulates the city. The Sound of London is both a gripping psychological thriller, a loving tribute to London and a celebration of the role of sound in film.
Duration: 0:10:52
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Directors: Daniel Marc Janes
Writers: Daniel Marc Janes
Producers: Emily Iredale
Flag: L'art pour l'art

Project Title: Oor wally
Synopsis: Oor Wally (The Warrior) is a lighthearted documentary short film that follows Scotland's most unique mascot Wally the Warrior across an eventful football season. Wally also happens to be Eleanor, a mother of eight and and granny of seven. Every home game she wears the Wally costume with pride even though every season the team face another relegation battle.
Project Website:
Duration: 0:12:00
Country of Origin: Ireland
Directors: Martin Lennon
Producers: Martin Lennon
Flag: L'art pour l'art

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