Stichting WE Connect has been created in September 2015 to serve as the overarching not-for-profit foundation organising The WE Festival and related events. The WE Festival is organized into different committees, each of the committee is led by a head, who is responsible for his/her committee’s tasks and attends the weekly ‘heads meeting’. In addition to heads meetings, where general updates and important issues are discussed, WE hold open meetings bi-weekly for everyone involved in the organisation to discuss progress and brainstorm new ideas.

Visiting address: Capucijnenstraat 21, 6211RN, Maastricht, The Netherlands (appointment only)


Stichting WE Connect serves as a platform enhancing cultural and social life of Maastricht and its surroundings via the organization of various activities, one of which is The WE Festival. WE Connect leverages on the international environment of Maastricht and enables diverse individuals and groups to connect via its platform to pursue their passions. Collaboration, diversity, creativity and sustainability are at the heart of the foundation. These values facilitate the involvement of local and international individuals resulting in a greater impact for the community.



The WE Festival is the primary event organised by Stichting WE Connect, if interested please see the attached project plan and the overview of the committees’ tasks for the year 2016.

Project Plan
Password: projectplan

Committees Plan
Password: committees



Stichting WE Connect’s first event was The WE Festival 2016. If you are interested to learn more about previous edition of The WE Festival please refer to the programs available using the links below.

Program 2015

Program 2014



No board members of the Stichting WE Connect, nor any other member of the organization, receive any monetary or similar type of remuneration for their work and their activity carried out for the organization.

KvK number: 63997355
BTW(VAT): NL855 481 365 B01
RSIN/BSN: 855481365

Board members
Chairman:    Julia Calaf
Secretary:    Callum Clark
Treasurer:    Rafał Rutkowski